Traversing the Western Coast

The purpose of this site is to document my travels. My name is Lennard Vanderspek, and I am a computer science major at CSU Chico. I have spent the past few years traveling up and down California and, through this site, am hoping to travel further than before.

This site is an assignment for a class I am taking, Journalism 130. I am hoping to use this site as motivation to reach relatively distant places, such as Oregon and Washington. However, a majority of my pieces will be based in Northern California due to my limited budget. My exploits will include camping, snowshoeing, but mostly hiking.

Although I will most likely be covering places I have already seen, I will be revisiting them and writing only about events that transpired after the begin of the Fall 2016 semester. My goal is to travel more, not reminisce. Additionally, I will write multiple pieces about the same place, but each will be unique. I will not, for instance, write two pieces on hiking in Lassen.

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